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Turning Tables

A series where I ask the reviewers what does it for them, and why.

Writers – you do not want to miss this …

Liz is by any standards, a prodigious reader and I always enjoy what she has to say. Here she is with Steph Broadribb whose debut Deep Down Dead is out now in ebook and next year (Jan ’17) in print.  13221692_10208049328643514_2392383389449705487_n

When did you first get into blog-reviewing?

Liz – 2013 or something. The whole thing is a blur.

What’s the best thing about blog-reviewing?

Liz – Shouting about books. Talking about books. Crying over books. Making everyone read books. Books. Oh and the authors ain’t bad either. Nice bunch.

Give a shout out to a blog-reviewer who deserves a bigger readership …

Liz – Put me on the spot thanks for that Mr Malone. I don’t know. All of them. I know some brilliantly insightful bloggers. I’ll pick Kate at Bibliophile Book Club though mainly because we are kind of bookish twins and spend lots of time randomly shrieking at each other about THAT BOOK (Take your pick on which book. There is a lot of shrieking)

Ebook or print? What are your views on the pricing of each?

Liz – I prefer a print book but like the instant gratification of an e-book. Plus the story gets told both ways and I’m ALL about the story. E-books are often an easier and more cost effective way for publishers to provide review copies to us reviewers so I don’t fuss. I’d rather any money went back into the authors pocket. Pricing? I,  like many people,  will pay more for a real book than an e-book and I think sometimes e-books are priced out of the market. But equally I don’t like this 99p stuff (except as a perhaps occasional bookish promotion) A book is worth more than a cup of coffee and lasts longer. Yes, yes I guess I am kind of fence sitting. I don’t know. Ask a professional.

How important is the cover? Give a shout out to the cover that has done it for you recently.27219970

Liz – Covers can draw you into a novel you might not have considered. Very important. A good cover can be the difference between picking up that book in a bookshop and the one next to it. Recently? Oh Epiphany Jones. How could you NOT pick up that book?

What draws you to an author that was previously unknown to you? (The blurb, the cover, the first page, word of mouth, or something else?)

Liz – Usually Twitter. Or Sophie Goodfellow. Or a mixture of both.

The first page has drawn you in … what keeps you there till The End?

Liz – Character bonding and brilliant storytelling. Don’t bore me with endless nothing happening even if you are using beautiful language to describe said nothing. Some people like that sort of thing. Not me. Beautifully written I DO love; dull I do not.

Do you finish every book you start?

Liz – No. See above re “don’t bore me”

Any trends in publishing that put you off/ you are happy to see continue?

Liz – “A brilliant psychological thriller with a twist you won’t see coming” Do stop! I always see it coming.

Plus it is not a twist if I know it IS coming. It’s a plot point.

I’d like to see publishers take more risks like Karen at Orenda does. I’m pleased to see some of them are. Don’t just go for the twist. Look for the different. The other. That indefinable thing. Publish it.

Any plans to totally turn the tables and write a book of your own?

Liz – No. I’m not qualified. I could try. But it would be shit. So no.

THANK YOU for taking part, Liz.

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