• MJM Ink is based in the UK, therefore feedback will be based on our use of English. US spellings will remain unaltered.
  • We are not responsible for accuracy. Where factual mistakes are easily evident, we will point this out, but we accept no liability for errors.
  • There are no promises of publication.
  • But there are pots of gold at the end of them there rainbows. Kidding. No we’re not.
  • Submissions should all be on Microsoft Word or Open Office; 12 pt Times New Roman regular; double spaced. Please do not justify the right-hand margin.
  • Where the opportunity presents itself – and where we believe the work shows merit – we will look to recommend your book to publishers and agents. Again, there are no guarantees here, nor is there a fee. We do this for that warm, fuzzy feeling.
  • Payment can be taken my cheque or Paypal and must be received before work starts. No refunds will be given, unless in exceptional circumstances.
  • We aim to return work within three to four weeks, but it is difficult to be exact about the turnaround time, since some manuscripts require more attention than others. This is a demanding task and it can take days to read and assess thoroughly a substantial piece of work and to write a detailed report.
  • How long will the report be? As long as is required.
  • Following receipt of the report, authors are welcome to ask about anything that is unclear.
  • There is a 20% reduced charge for a revised manuscript assessment.
  • If you are concerned about copyright and protecting your work, be aware that copyright exists whether the author claims it or not. We recommend you read the section on the subject of copyright in current edition of The Writers’ & Artists’ Year Book.
  • Complete confidentiality regarding both authors and their work is essential. But we will ask for testimonials if you are happy with the service. And we will brag about them.

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